2-Day Scalable  Leadership Bootcamp

Scaling Leadership and Business Profitability!

2-Day Scalable  Leadership Bootcamp

Scaling Leadership and Business Profitability!

a Transformative Program Engineered to Propel Your Leadership Journey and Skyrocket Your Business Profitability to New Heights!

Equip yourself with the mindsets, skillsets, strategies, and execution plan needed to lead effectively at all levels within an organization.

Participants will also benefit from over 50 years of world-class strategies and growth systems through our collaboration with John C. Maxwell's company, enhancing their leadership journey for exceptional outcomes.

2-Day Scalable Business and Leadership Bootcamp




This isn’t just theory. 

SBLB Bootcamp is Your MBA in 2 Days!

It’s our proven playbook you need to master growth strategies in your team and organization.

JOIN THE PROGRAM & Advance your Skills with a GLOBAL Event that delivers results than a University Experience!

Who Should Attend the Bootcamp?

Business Professionals who seek to advance their careers and leadership capabilities - Senior leaders, directors, managers, and experienced entrepreneurs with significant responsibilities in their organizations who want to further develop their leadership skills.

Ministry Leaders learn how to handle their frustrations and fears, build efficient management structure, keep the church running smoothly, handle conflicts, build trust, position ladder holders, and multiply leaders.

Those responsible for talent development, leadership training, and organizational development within their companies.

Team Leaders | MANAGERS

Leaders responsible for smaller teams who aspire to lead larger groups or the entire organization, and want to build a strong foundation for future executive roles.


New managers with great leadership potentials. Those who desire to accelerate their development and become effective in their current roles.

Professionals transitioning into leadership roles, individuals aspiring for high-paying business careers, and anyone dedicated to scaling their business and leadership capabilities. 

These are Professionals in various fields such as Teachers, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Solicitors, Barristers, Engineers, Architects, Writers, Artists, Fashion Designers, Pharmacists, Editors, Medical Scientists, Registered Nurses, Registered Midwives, Technicians, Financiers, Psychologists, Dietitians, Researchers, Analysts, Electricians, Mechanics, Scrum Masters, Business Consultants, Computer Scientists, Computer Programmers, Project Managers, and More. 

Leaders who are dedicated to growth and tired of feeling stuck, are eager to improve their leadership skills and personal growth. Those who want to overcome leadership frustrations and fears, and make the most of their abilities to achieve their goals.

Price: $2,062 per participant (25% discount of $2750)

Date: Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31, 2024.

Time: 9am - 4pm CDT

Venue: 6070 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78240, USA.

Day 1

Day 1 Modules

Morning Session - Lead Yourself: Introduction to Scalable Leadership Framework

  • Clarifying Your Personal and Business Vision and Mission: Aligning Personal Goals with Business Objectives and Strategies.
  • Personal Development Strategies for Effective Business Structure and Leadership.
  • Exploring Leadership Pain and Building a Growth Mindset: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Cultivating Toughness.
  • Life Management and Productivity Framework for Professionals and Entrepreneurs (Translating Response Into Results).

Afternoon Session - Lead A Small Team

  • Team Formation, Team Building and Team Leadership
  • Coaching & Communication Skills for Effective Leadership
  • Developing a Leadership Style and Personal Brand
  • Strategies for Inspiring and Engaging a Small Team

Day 2 Modules

Morning Session - Transitioning to Lead a Big Team

  • Scaling Your Leadership: Strategies for Growth and Expansion
  • Delegation, Mentorship and Empowerment Frameworks
  • Creating Systems and Processes for a Growing Team & Business
  • Identifying and Nurturing Leadership Talent within Your Team

Afternoon Session - Transitioning to Lead an entire organization

  • Strategic Foresight, Strategic Planning and Decision-Making for Organizational Growth and Profitability. 
  • Creating and sustaining a Culture of Innovation and Adaptability
  • Leading Change and Managing Challenges in an Organization
  • Leadership Multiplication Framework: Developing a Leadership Pipeline & Preparing for Future Growth
Day 2

This event is for you

The one who doesn’t settle for the status quo!

The one who is ready to lead through uncertainties! 

Those who place growth and High Road leadership at the top of their priority list! 

Those who are ready to uncover the practical insights gained from coaching and training over 25,000 leaders in three continents!

This is a Business and leadership development experience for growth-minded leaders in any industry. Our commitment lies in empowering teams and leaders to exceed barriers to growth and profitability!

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