The School of Leadership offers a variety of valuable Leadership training and development programs.

School of Leadership (SOL)

The School of Leadership offers a variety of valuable Leadership training and development programs.

School of Leadership (SOL)

We offer different valuable training and development programs

for business leaders, nonprofit organizations, emerging leaders, and next-generation leaders.

These programs focus on leadership skills, executive practices, and strategic thinking to prepare individuals for leadership roles in various industries. We believe that everybody wins when the leader gets better.

These programs help leaders at various stages of their professions and across different industries, fostering growth and supporting them to make a positive impact on their organizations and communities. The school programs are designed to enhance the skills and qualities necessary for effective leadership. Our programs aim to cultivate well-rounded, adaptable, and ethical leaders capable of making a difference. When leaders grow, organizations flourish.

Foundational Level:

The Foundation of Leadership & Critical Components of Leadership. This level is designed for emerging leaders or individuals new to leadership roles.

  • Activities: Participants engage in workshops, role-playing, and leadership assessments.
  • Duration: 3 Months.
Leadership training programs focus on the foundations and critical components of leadership.
The School of Leadership assists mid-level managers and leaders in developing mentorship and coaching skills

Advanced Level:

Personal Leadership Growth & Developing Other Leaders. This level is designed for mid-level managers and leaders with some experience.

  • Activities: Covers foundational level mindset. More case studies and real-world wisdom. Mentorship and coaching skills are significant at this level.
  • Duration: 4 Months.

Executive Leadership Level:

Leadership Communication & Strategic Leadership. This level is aimed at senior executives, C-suite leaders, and those aspiring to the highest leadership positions.

  • Activities: Covers advanced level mindset. Participants work on strategic initiatives, engage in high-level networking, and receive personalized coaching.
  • Duration: 6 Months
Executive Leadership Coaching helps refine your strategic vision, enhance decision-making, and drive success

Here is an overview of the School Programs:

  1. Diverse Curriculum : The program offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers a wide range of leadership subjects. This includes leadership theory, strategic planning, agile leadership, team management, communication, ethics, and innovation.
  2. Customization : It allows participants to tailor their learning experience to their specific needs and goals. For example, business leaders might focus on corporate strategy, while nonprofit leaders may emphasize community engagement.
  3. Experiential Learning : Practical experiences, such as real-world projects, case studies, and simulations, are integrated to enhance participants' ability to apply leadership concepts in their respective fields.
  4. Mentorship : Participants are often paired with experienced mentors who provide guidance and share valuable insights based on their own leadership journeys.
  5. Cross-Sector Collaboration : We encourage collaboration among participants from different sectors. This fosters a rich exchange of ideas and solutions to common leadership challenges.
  6. Networking Opportunities : Events, workshops, and conferences are organized to facilitate networking among participants, alumni, and industry experts.
  7. Leadership Assessments : Regular assessments help participants gain self-awareness and track their progress in developing leadership skills.
  8. Ethical Leadership : Emphasis is placed on ethical leadership principles, as leaders across all industries need to make decisions that align with moral values and social responsibility.
  9. Innovation and Adaptation : Training in innovation and change management equips leaders with the skills to navigate rapidly evolving environments.
  10. Diversity and Inclusion : Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, the program promotes strategies for creating inclusive leadership cultures.
  11. Sustainability : Next-generation leaders are often trained to incorporate sustainable practices into their leadership roles, considering environmental and societal impacts.
  12. Global Perspective : Programs include international components to prepare leaders for the challenges and opportunities of a globalized world.
  13. Continuous Learning : Leadership development is seen as an ongoing process, and the program encourages participants to continue their education and self-improvement beyond the initial training.
  14. Project Management : Learning how to manage projects and teams efficiently is a key component.
  15. Strategic Thinking : Leaders learn to think long-term and make decisions that align with an organization's goals.

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We conduct leadership workshops in-person and virtually across North America and Africa.